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West Coast Sikh Youth Alliance  Volunteer Application From

Are you looking to make a difference in your panth? Want to find ways where you can make a difference in peoples lives? Or are you just trying to find good sangat? Well look no further because you are in the right place! Sign up to be a Counsellor at the most amazing Sikhi camp run in Canada,  West Coast Sikh Youth Alliance.

WCSYA first started off as an idea back 1994, and well today, we are proud to say that it will be our 30th annual summer camp.. This year, WCSYA camp is from August 10th-16th, at the Khalsa Centre Miracle Valley, in Mission, BC, Canada. 


Duties of a camp counsellor is simple… help us run an amazing camp! More specifically, you role will vary to leading group activities, assisting around the campsite such as meal prepping, and much more! Details will be discussed at the 2 mandatory meetings, which will be in April 21st 2024 and in July 2024 (exact dates will be announced closer).

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to email us and we would love to answer any of your questions. We hope that we can see you this year as Counsellor. 


My WCSYA experience 

* We want you to showcase your experience with West Coast camps and how you envision the future of WCSYA, by creating a collage using picture, words, symbols
    * Remember whatever you showcase on the collage has to be related back to your WCSYA experience 
* It has to be a hand copy or printed on 12x18 size paper or foam board (no digital collages)
* Highly encouraged to use past photos. Below are some links to past photo albums of camps: 
    * Link to flickr and Facebook to the drive
* Upto 20 images and or words, there should be NO BLANK SPACES!



Personal Information

Singh or Kaur
Are you vaccinated

What days are you avaliable to attend camp

First aid and Criminal Record Check 

Do you have a valid first aid certificate?


I will donate at least $100 in order to offset transportation, food, lodging, and other costs

In addition to the above $100, I pledge to donate $250 either from the community or by my personal daswandh

I will submit or have submitted a copy of my first aid certificate by July 30, 2024

I will submit or have submitted a copy of my current criminal record check by July 14, 2024

I will recruit 2 campers by June 30, 2024

I will attend the mandatory in person Training session in July (exact date TBA)

I will have my colloge by the mandatory in person Training session in July (exact date TBA)

How did you hear about camp

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