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Become a part of the West Coast Sikh Youth Alliance family and experience serving the Sikh Panth. Our team of volunteers ensure that the camp run smoothly. We are grateful to have volunteers from all over the world. As a volunteer you will have various roles such as: 

       - Counsellor 

       -  Rec Coordinator 

       -  Kitchen Assistant 

To join our amazing team there are a few requirement that need to be met, you must; 

       - have participated in at least one WCSYA Camp 

       - enrolled in post-secondary education or be a working professional 

       - be in Chardi Kala 

       - be willing to serve you Panth

Along with these all volunteers are required to submit a criminal record check, and additional certifications such as First Aid, Food Safe, etc. 

If you are interesting in joining our summer team sign-up below using the link, if you have any questions please email use at

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